lunedì 11 dicembre 2017

Essence Wood You Love Me? # Limited Edition

limited edition essence 2018

Una super Edizione Limitata Essence in arrivo tra Gennaio-Febbraio 2018... Wood You Love Me?

Energizing eye sheet mask - Hydrating face sheet mask - 01 foxever in love, 01 be happy! be a bunny!

maschera essencenovità essence 2018
Duo eye pencil - 01 forever together, 02 my tree love

Eyeshadow & highlighter palette - 01 from the forest, with love!

Essence Wood You Love Me?

False lashes - 01 eye love you

Essence Wood You Love Me?

Highlighter & blush palette - 01 my heart is yours!

Essence Wood You Love Me?

Lip palette - 01 you are my absolute favorite!
Essence Wood You Love Me?
Make-up sponges - 01 mr & mrs cute

novità essence 2018

Nail file set - 01 love me twice

Nail polish - 01 crazy in love, 02 soulmate, 03 sweet kisses

limited edition essence 2018

Smokey eyes duo brush - 01 love at first sight
pennello essence
edizione limitata essence 2018
Vorrei tutto di questa nuova trend edition Essence! E voi?

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